Top 5 Free Dating Apps In 2021

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Meeting unknown people is great fun. We can talk to them who are indifferent to cultures and languages. There are so many dating apps that are available in the market. Some of them are free, and many other paid versions. As per our research, we are introducing the top 5 free dating apps, which can connect with other people. Without much introduction, let’s talk about the apps.

1. Frim

Frim is a dating app, and also it has social media behaviour. It does some cool features like personal messaging, status etc. Like some of the dating apps, it does not shake and find people or search partner search. As already mentioned, it does have social media behaviour. We can search for people and filter who are online; the app’s main attraction is that we can explore for people from any country and chat with them without any hassle.

Frim app has two versions, like free as well as paid. But the free version gives many features that the paid version offers. We can send videos, images even stickers to other people even without paid. This app supports a friends list, and we can add the person to our friend list if we need to talk to them later.


2. Azar

Azar is a video-based dating application available in both the play store and app store. This application has a clean and straightforward UI that everyone can use. This app is strictly notifying about the age group and adult contents. Since it is a live streaming app, it should follow such restrictions.

After signing up for the form in Azar, our camera and microphone will automatically activate, and thus by swiping sidewise, we can choose which person we can date. It also supports a friend list to add the person to the friendliest for chatting with them later.


3. OkCupid

OkCupid is one of the most popular chatting apps in the play store and app store. It does have about 40 million users on OkCupid, but we are unsure about the active users. This app works like similar interests. While signup, we need to give our interesting areas, and the app analyses our interests and shows only the people who are matching our interests.



4. Tinder

Tinder is one of the modern apps for modern people. You have already heard about this app. Tinder is one of the most rated dating apps in the play store and the app store. Whenever we load the app, it shows some profiles. When we signup, we have selected an interesting gender, and the profile shows based on our selection. We choose girls, and then it will show only the girl’s profile. From the profile, we can select or like the profile by double-tapping. A notification will appear in the chosen person profile about our choice. If they want our profile, also it made a match, and we can chat and date with them. The intention of this app is simple but powerful. It’s UI is clean and simple to use.



5. Meetme

Meetme is another location-based app for dating. Its colourful and simple UI makes it more attractive to use. It does have over 100 million downloads in both the play store and app store. The primary intention of this app is to meet people in the locality of the user. It works based on the location of the user. It finds the people near the user and shows the match. SO that they can chat if they are interested.



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