How to Restore a Plastic Bathtub

how to restore a plastic bathtub
how to restore a plastic bathtub

A way to repair a Plastic bath

A plastic bath may be a great addition in your lavatory. But, over the years, it could end up discolored, scratched, and stained. If you want to restore your plastic bathtub and convey returned its unique shine, you’ve come to the right region. On this guide, we’ll show you a way to restore a plastic bathtub the usage of easy and lower priced methods.

Knowledge Your Plastic bathtub

Before you begin restoring your plastic bathtub, it’s critical to recognize what kind of plastic it’s made from. Some plastics are extra long lasting and proof against stains than others. Here are some commonplace types of plastic used to make bathtubs:


Acrylic is a famous material for making bathtubs as it’s light-weight, durable, and smooth to mould into distinct shapes. It’s also proof against scratches, stains, and fading. If your plastic bathtub is fabricated from acrylic, you’re in luck because it’s one of the easiest materials to restore.


Fiberglass is some other popular fabric for making bathtubs. It’s additionally lightweight and easy to mildew, however it’s not as durable as acrylic. Fiberglass bathtubs are susceptible to scratches and can be difficult to easy. In case your plastic bath is manufactured from fiberglass, you’ll want to take more care when restoring it.

Materials You’ll want

To repair your plastic bathtub, you’ll want the following materials:

White vinegar
Baking soda
Gentle-bristled brush
Microfiber material
Sandpaper (2000-grit)
Plastic polish
Defensive gloves
Step-via-Step manual to Restoring Your Plastic bath

Now which you have all of the materials you want, it’s time to begin restoring your plastic bathtub. Follow these steps:

Step 1: clean the tub

Earlier than you begin restoring your plastic bathtub, you want to clean it thoroughly. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a twig bottle and spray the solution all around the tub. Permit it take a seat for 10-15 mins, then scrub the tub with a tender-bristled brush. Rinse the tub with water and dry it with a microfiber fabric.

Step 2: cast off Stains and Discoloration

If your plastic tub has stains or discoloration, you can get rid of them using baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda all over the bath and let it take a seat for 10-15 minutes. Scrub the tub with a soft-bristled brush and rinse it with water.

Step 3: Sand the bathtub

In case your plastic tub has scratches, you’ll want to sand it with 2000-grit sandpaper. Moist the sandpaper and lightly sand the scratched regions. Rinse the tub with water and dry it with a microfiber material.

Step 4: Polish the bathtub

When you’ve sanded the tub, you could polish it using plastic polish. Observe a small quantity of plastic polish to a microfiber material and rub it onto the surface of the bathtub. Use circular motions and follow stress to eliminate any final scratches or marks.

Step five: protect the bathtub

To hold your plastic bathtub searching new for longer, you can observe a protective coating. There are many unique kinds of coatings to be had, so make sure you pick out one which’s appropriate on your bath. Apply the coating in step with the manufacturer’s commands.


Restoring a plastic bath doesn’t ought to be hard or high priced. With the proper materials and a little bit of effort, you could deliver your bath back to existence. Via following the stairs on this manual, you could repair your plastic tub and make it look as proper as new.

A way to Refinish a Plastic bathtub

Are you uninterested in looking at your vintage, tired plastic tub on every occasion you are taking a bath or tub? In place of spending a fortune on a new one, why not refinish it? Refinishing your plastic tub is a cost-powerful and easy manner to offer your bathroom a fresh and modern-day look. In this article, we’ll offer you with a step-by using-step manual on how to refinish a plastic bathtub.

Desk of Contents
Understanding the Plastic bathtub Refinishing manner
Preparing Your Plastic tub for Refinishing
Substances wished for Refinishing a Plastic tub
Steps to Refinish a Plastic bath
Step 1: take away the Caulk
Step 2: easy the bath
Step three: Sand the floor
Step 4: apply Primer
Step five: follow the Topcoat
Step 6: treatment the tub
Recommendations for a successful Refinishing assignment
Pros and Cons of Refinishing a Plastic bathtub
Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)
Information the Plastic tub Refinishing process

Before we dive into the info, permit’s first apprehend what the plastic bath refinishing technique is all about. Refinishing a plastic tub entails applying a brand new surface coating on your present bath, giving it a cutting-edge appearance. The manner entails cleaning, sanding, priming, and painting the bath to offer it a sparkling and modern-day look.

Making ready Your Plastic bath for Refinishing

Getting ready your plastic tub for refinishing is important for the fulfillment of the project. Begin via disposing of all hardware, such as taps and drains, and covering off any areas that you do not need to paint. Next, remove any caulking round the tub using a caulk remover. You may then easy the bathtub the usage of an abrasive cleanser and rinse very well with water. Permit the bath to dry before intending to the following step.

Materials needed for Refinishing a Plastic bath

To refinish a plastic tub, you may need the following materials:

Abrasive cleanser
Sandpaper (220- and 400-grit)
Painter’s tape
Drop cloths
Respirator masks
Paint primer
Epoxy paint
Steps to Refinish a Plastic bathtub

Now which you have prepared your plastic bathtub and collected all the necessary materials, it is time to begin refinishing. Comply with those steps for a a success refinishing undertaking:

Step 1: eliminate the Caulk

Dispose of any remaining caulk around the tub the use of a caulk remover. Ensure to put on gloves and a respirator masks to protect yourself from harmful fumes.

Step 2: easy the tub

Clean the bathtub using an abrasive cleaner and rinse thoroughly with water. Make certain the bath is completely dry before intending to the following step.

Step three: Sand the floor

The usage of 220-grit sandpaper, sand the entire surface of the bathtub to create a difficult surface for the primer to adhere to. When you’re executed, clean the bathtub with a damp fabric to dispose of any dirt.

Step four: follow Primer

Observe a thin layer of primer to the complete surface of the tub the usage of a paintbrush.

Step 5: practice the Topcoat

Apply a skinny layer of epoxy paint to the entire surface of the bathtub using a paintbrush. Make sure to follow the producer’s instructions and practice a 2d coat if needed.

Step 6: therapy the bathtub

Permit the bath to remedy for at the least 24 hours before the use of


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