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A variety of apps will save your images, from Apple iCloud to Dropbox to Microsoft OneDrive. Still, at the moment, Google Photos is the best choice for most people, even if Google has decided to end its offer of unlimited and free photo storage in recent years.

Contrary to Apple’s comparable service, Google Photos is available for Android and iOS. It’s more user-friendly on Windows and the internet in comparison to the iCloud Photos Library. If you’re a person who spends all of your time using iOS and macOS, it might be better to go with the Apple option. However, Google Photos is the option that has a broader appeal to Facebook users who want to escape.

In terms of replacing the functions Facebook offers, sharing your photos or videos is easy, and you can decide who can access certain albums and photos. Google Photos also tags people automatically from contacts and offers suggestions for who you should send your album photos and videos to (you can opt to turn off this feature when you feel it’s unsettling).

Photo sharing was one of the main reasons Facebook usage first went up in the air like a rocket in the beginning–being able to share photos with all your friends in a snap online. But now you have plenty of other great options to choose from that you don’t must be tied to Facebook.

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