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Today we’re going to review the newest entry in the bluetooth speaker market – Tribit XBOOM.

Tribit the sub brand of iClever has launched their most premium product till date – Tribit XBOOM. To start with, it’s a 24 W Bluetooth Speaker with 360° immersive surround sound, XBass Technology for enhanced bass, a 2600 mah battery that could easily last you around 20 hrs, IPX7 fully waterproof built so that you can party by the poolside without the fear of damaging your speaker.

Design & Build

On the design front, the XBOOM is a well built rugged & robust speaker that can survive rough use. The speaker does feel tough & durable, just like you expect from an outdoor speaker. The cylindrical shaped speaker is encased in a premium-feeling speaker cloth & the rugged silicone does a great job in protecting the subwoofer located at both end. The button markings on the front are silicone and made in a way that makes them feel almost stitched into that outer wrapping.

The front of the speaker has a plus, minus button to control the volume and a multi-function circle button. The back contains a power button that lights up to show that the speaker is on or in what connectivity state the speaker is in while the four LEDs in-between indicate the battery level of the speaker.

Our Score: 4/5

Audio Quality

Coming to the sound quality of the speaker, this is where the twist happens. The sound output from the speaker far exceeded my expectations. The audio quality is surprisingly loud, crisp & clear. At every volume, may it be low, high and in-between, the sounds are crisp, deep and has that “punch” that pleases every music lover.

Thanks to the 360° sound, you can hear clear audio no matter how the speaker is placed. Highs, mids & lows are very clear. Its dual 12W drivers and side facing passive bass radiators kick out a rich and well-balanced sound. The mids are well tuned and the vocals sound crystal clear. 

With the XBASS Technology, things get a little bit more interesting around here. Pressing the XBASS button kicks things up a notch as it makes the bass sound really deep and you would probably want to keep it on, unless of course you’re playing music that is very vocal or instrumental heavy. The speaker sounds best when turned 90° & maintains a good balance even at full volume.

To be honest, the Tribit XBOOM stands toe to toe with JBL Flip 4 and its other expensive counterparts. It is not only cheaper at $69.99 but also sounds a tad bit better than the JBL’s Flip 4 that would cost you around 99.95$.

Our Score: 5/5

Battery & Bluetooth Connectivity

Powered with a 2,600mAh battery, the Tribit XBOOM could easily last you upto 15 hours on a single charge. And that to me is a pretty good battery life when compared to similar sized & more expensive speakers like the JBL Flip 4 or the Sony XB21.

Coming to the connectivity part, the Tribit XBOOM runs on Bluetooth version 4.2 and I must say the speaker connects to your phone in seconds. It has surprisingly good signal even at distances exceeding 10m and a bluetooth range of 60 feet which is quite impressive compared to some high end speakers.

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